Positive Goals

Our flagship employability programme Positive Goals is delivered in partnership with DWP Job Centre Plus, by the end of 2016 we will have engaged with a total of *70 job seekers. Thus far, we have supported 55% of our participants into work after 13 weeks of Positive Goals ending. This figure rises to 61% after 26 weeks. Of those progressing to employment, approx. 65% sustain their jobs for at least 26 weeks. Outcomes we are immensely proud of.

The chart below evidences what type of job our participants progress into.


Primarily we engage with Single Parents and Job Seekers aged 25+, we work with a very diverse group of people with varied lengths of unemployment and barriers to work. The positive outcomes we have achieved thus far are based on solid partnerships connecting the public, private and third sector, including Financial Fitness, Inverclyde Council’s Community Learning Development, Craigend Resource Centre, Holiday Inn Express & EE.


Each participant engaging in Positive Goals has the opportunity to gain 3 aspects of qualification; World Host Principles in Customer Service; Core Skills in IT at Level 2, 3 or 4 and Emergency First Aid.

85% of participants engaged through Positive Goals this year have expressed an increase in confidence having engaged with Morton in the Community, we feel this is hugely important as participants will believe in themselves much more and feel better equipped when faced with uncomfortable or unfamiliar situations or challenges. The road back to work is littered with barriers, participants with a greater sense of confidence will have a better frame of mind to being to remove such barriers.



*We are currently engaging with 23 participants who are excluded from the job outcome figures stated above.

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