Week 3 and our wonderful coaches are now delivering at 3 venues; Battery Park, Port Glasgow and over in Dunoon.  GMCT took a look at the camp at Port Glasgow this week which is being delivered by Peter Dunn and our Morton legend, Peter Weatherson.  We dropped in on Thursday just as YourRadioFM were also there interviewing the lads and a few of the kids.  This will be broadcast on Monday 22nd July, so tune in to 106.9fm on the hour, every hour and hear how much the kids are enjoying their week at camp.

The coaches explained that there were many themed days and Peter Dunn told us “we carry out theme of the day as a full group before the groups are split into 2 due to the age differences, which allows the groups to interact with each other”.  Peter Weatherson added “this then allows us as coaches to work and challenge participants in each group during the sessions”.  Dunn explained that “the coaches then challenge the groups and also look to challenge the kids individually in order to increase motivation of the children”.

GMCT observed the kids in both groups working on dribbling, passing, control and shooting and Dunn pointed out that “Tom has introduced the coaches to the Coerver Coaching method which looks to focus on the kids technical ability along with the fundamental movements required to perform these skills.  These skills are broken down bit by bit in order for them to be successful then once one part is mastered or completed correctly then the next part is introduced which allows the players to be challenged continuously”.

Both coaches told GMCT that within the afternoon session the players are encouraged to use the skills that they have been working during the morning session, with the emphasis on being confident to try the new skills within  small sided matches.

Fun times at our summer camps so why not come along and join us during the holidays


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