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After the success of the summer camps it’s time to get back to the drawing board and start preparing for even more football sessions that will be delivered to children in the Inverclyde area.   Tom Elliott has been busy over the past 2 weeks at Cappielow with planning meetings and venue visits as he gets set to start the new season for GMCT.  So while it may seem like it has been quiet since the camps, Elliott has been undertaking all the groundwork required for the Mini Morton and Morton Girls programmes.  GMCT will be inviting everyone who has previously attended these sessions along with each child that attended the summer camps.

Elliott said, “We aim to have the new sessions up and running during September but we are also working on preparing for our October football camp.  The feedback forms that we have received from parents have been an important part of these plans as they given me ideas on how to improve our camp programme.”

It has been a very successful summer forGMCT and there are exciting times ahead for everyone involved.  Warren Hawke is delighted with the new marketing material that has been delivered this week.  We caught up with Hawke as he explained his vision for GMCT.  He said “I believe that the Community Trust will be The Heartbeat of Inverclyde and we want that message to be easily recognisable to everyone in the community.  It’s all about reaching out to our local community and ensuring that there is an interaction between the club and the people of Inverclyde that goes beyond watching and supporting the club on match days.  We want to help address social issues and give something back to the people of Inverclyde.”

So keep an eye on our website for information regarding all the programmes that GMCT will deliver in the coming months.  We are all looking forward to seeing everyone back at our sessions in September.

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