It might have been wet outside last night but that didn’t dampen the spirits of our Mars Club Challenge participants.  The lads all started a 6 week programme last night at Lady Octavia that is being run in partnership with the SFA.  The Mars Club Challenge aims to reach out to adults aged 16 years and over who still want to be involved with football.

There will be the 6 weeks of practical sessions which are being delivered at Lady Octavia followed by information about local football clubs in their area which they could potentially join.  There will also be an informal question session with some very special guests.

GMCT went along last night before the heavens opened to grab a chat with one of the participants Ross Wilson who said “this is a great opportunity for lads to come together for a game of 5 or 7-asides.  It’s a brilliant way to mix with people from various backgrounds.”

Tom Elliott, our CEM, endorses this venture saying “It’s a fantastic way for any adult who has maybe lost touch with football through work or family commitments to come along and join us in the Mars Club Challenge.”

Mars CC 01 (2)


Mars CC 02

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