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In October GMCT were delighted to announce that Karen Welsh had been appointed PR & Fundraising Manager for the Trust.  Yesterday Karen took a trip back to Glasgow University with her children, Christopher and Caroline, as she attended her graduation ceremony where she was awarded an MA in Literary Studies with Merit.

Karen decided to return to education when she moved back to Glasgow with her children just over four and half years ago, after working as an SLA in her children’s school, Larbert Village Primary School.  She applied for an Access to University course at Clydebank which enabled her to gain a place at Glasgow University.  During this time Karen had a keen interest in creative writing and had six short stories published in a range of books with the theme Duality.

There were many subjects that Karen studied during her three years at university including English Literature, Philosophy, Management, Scottish Literature and Comparative Literature but her favoured subject was English Language.  Within English Language there was a variety of areas to study and Karen found an interest in Old English Manuscripts and Middle English, especially the many works written by Geoffrey Chaucer.  Karen says, “His work is amazing but not many people take the time to read his poems, especially his Dream Visions, although they will know of his famous Canterbury Tales which have been adapted by the BBC.  I was lucky enough to attend a fascinating lecture presented by none other than Monty Python’s Terry Jones.  He was a delight to meet and was extremely encouraging about mature students and their commitment to their studies.”  Karen goes on to say, “There were many highlights during my time at university but yesterday comes out on top.  I am thrilled that l persevered as it’s not easy as a single parent but my parents/family and friends were right behind me throughout.”

Karen says that she would encourage anyone to make that step and enrol for any type of further education if it’s what they want to do.  By keeping focused throughout her four years of study it’s the first line of Chaucer’s The Parliament of Fowls that has stayed with Karen, “The lyf so short, the craft so long to lerne.”  There is so much to learn but so little time to learn it and as Karen says when an opportunity presents itself don’t let it pass you by.

Congratulations Karen!

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