FFIT Graduates


This evening Morton in the Community are invited guests to the Scottish Parliament for the Football Fans In Training (FFIT) Follow Up Study launch by the University of Glasgow research team. The study has engaged past participants of FFIT over the last 3 and a half years assessing the wider, long term impact of engaging in FFIT.

Project Managers Brian McLaughlin and Gordon McKillop will be joined by Pamela Hope and Jim Percival who both engaged in and completed FFIT with Morton in the Community within the last year.

FFIT uses football clubs to engage with overweight men and women and encourages a number of small changes to habits and lifestyles with the overall goal of weight loss. On average our participants lost approx. 6-6.5kg per person.

Our next delivery of FFIT will not be until March 2017 but you can sign up in advance at www.spfltrust.org.uk

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