Congratulations, Deborah!

Meet our office manager – Deborah Mole. Deborah started with Morton in the Community in September 2014 as an administration assistant through the Community Jobs Scotland (CJS) programme.

CJS supports young people aged 16-24 by helping them gain valuable skills and experiences whilst working with a third sector organisation such as ourselves.

From an early stage, Deborah made an enormous impression on colleagues and customers and soon became an integral asset to the community trust’s every-day operation.

Deborah secured a year’s contract with Morton in the Community in April 2015, supporting the successful delivery of the Climate Challenge Fund ‘Greener Morton’ project. Thereafter, we simply couldn’t let her go!

Deborah recently completed an SVQ 4 in Business Administration and has been promoted into the role of office manager.

Deborah’s role is crucial to the everyday running of the community trust and without her excellent attention to detail and commitment we would not be the SFA’s ‘Best Professional Club in the Community’.

Deborah epitomises our core values: enjoyment, confidence, inspire, respect, learning, and pathway.

Gordon McKillop, Education & Employability Manager: “I cannot speak highly enough of the work Deborah does for our organisation. She is an excellent role model and fantastic example of how a young person can progress their career from the bottom up. Deborah’s attitude to her work is exceptional and often the unsung hero of everything good about Morton in the Community.”

Brian McLaughlin, Head of Community Coaching: “Deborah is a vital part of all the success Morton in the Community has achieved in the last 3 years and often and rightly so described as the glue to the organisation. An excellent team member who goes above and beyond to support all areas of Morton in the Community.”  

Keep up the good work Deborah!


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