Award winning Football Fans in Training (FFIT) returns to Morton in March 2018 as we aim to engage with twenty-five men and twenty-five women in separate programmes at Cappielow Park.

The upcoming deliveries will be our fifth male and third female FFIT programmes.

On average, men lose approx. 6.6kg per person and women lose approx. 2.8kg per person, having fully engaged in FFIT with Greenock Morton.

FFIT is cost free and delivered at Cappielow Park for 13 consecutive weeks, each session consists of an hour’s theory and an hour’s physical activity at a gradual pace and progress of progression.


The step by step programme will encourage small changes to your everyday lifestyle in relation to diet, lifestyle and physical activity. We’ll educate participants on portion sizes, the food plate, and calorie intake to ensure weight loss, alcohol, food labels and dealing with setbacks.

Together we’ll set SMART goals specific to your body and circumstances. Together we will work towards a healthier lifestyle.

John Smith commented: “I had a variety of health issues – I’d suffered chest pains and I found out I had type two diabetes. The course taught us a lot. I’m no longer on medication for diabetes because of the changes I made”.

Former provost Robert Moran added: “I finished the 13 weeks and lost ten kilos, it was great. I’m out walking about again and one of the things for me is not being embarrassed to take my jacket off, and the fact I have clothes that now fit me again”.

FFIT Female

Typically FFIT engages with men aged 35-65, with a waist of 38 inches + and a BMI higher than 28.

Criteria for women is less strict, we welcome applications of interest from women looking to make a positive change to their lifestyle.

FFIT for men will begin Tuesday 27 March 2018, 6pm – 8pm.
FFIT for women will begin Thursday 29 March 2018, 6pm – 8pm.

To register your interest visit: spfltrust.org.uk/ffit-enquiry

If you need further information or want to hear more from past participants email ross@mortoncommunity.net

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