Gillian - 50DayChallenge

Gillian Hughes’ #Morton50DayChallenge has come and gone in a flash.

The #Morton50DayChallenge encourages fundraisers to get active while fundraising for Morton in the Community and causes close to their hearts. Fundraisers are encouraged to walk, swim, jog or cycle 5k a day for five of seven days per week for fifty days.

Gillian comments: “Signing up to the #Morton50DayChallenge gave me an additional focus to my exercise regime. I split my activity between running and cycling to keep a bit of variety and help keep my body in good condition to see the challenge through.

“50 days was a long time to keep pushing through, especially with a holiday in the middle. I enjoyed taking part in the challenge and knowing that I was raising money to help Morton in the Community develop kept me motivated.”

Fundraisers have the option to choose a second charity to split the funds with. However, Gillian has generously committed all funds she raises to Morton in the Community. You can still support Gillian’s #Morton50DayChallenge by donating to her Just Giving page by clicking here.

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