Pat Burke

Pat Burke who spearheads local charity Children in Poverty Inverclyde enrolled in Morton in the Community’s Football Fans In Training project earlier this year. Since then he has experienced a wonderful journey to a healthier life. In his own words Pat said “he needed to get off his back side”.

FFIT is a step by step programme that will encourage small changes to everyday lifestyles in relation to diet, lifestyle and physical activity. We educate participants on portion sizes, the food plate, and calorie intake to ensure weight loss, alcohol, food labels and dealing with setbacks.

Together we set SMART goals specific to your body and circumstances. Together we work towards a healthier lifestyle.

Pat commented: “The educational aspect of the programme, specifically the importance of  diet and understanding food labels is incredibly insightful. Since engaging in FFIT fruit has become a regular part of my diet.

“Physical activity and changes to diet come hand in hand, one does not work without the other and I enjoy walking more often. I find myself leaving earlier to pick up my grand daughter from nursery to do a few laps of the battery beforehand.”

Pat’s experience has been more than just enjoyment as he managed to lose 6.3kg in weight, shaved 8cm from his waist and his average weekly step count is now 75,000 steps. Previously it was 5,000.

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