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Since 2014, one hundred and thirty four people have participated in Football Fans in Training (FFIT), on average each person loses 6.06kg having engaged for the full thirteen weeks. Additional benefits include positive impacts on participant’s mental well-being, increased physical activity levels and lower levels of blood pressure.

Finlay Gillies aged fifty six engaged in and completed Morton Community’s fifth FFIT delivery for men. Whilst engaging in FFIT Finlay lost 6.7kg in weight, shaved 6.5cm from his waist and has increased his average weekly step count to a staggering 150,000.

We took the opportunity to quiz Finlay about his expectations, experiences and how his lifestyle has changed in the last three months.

Q: What were your expectations of FFIT prior to engaging?

A: “I wasn’t totally sure what it entailed but I was keen to find out more. I was interested in the focus of a healthier lifestyle. I watched a video from SPFL Trust and wasn’t sure if it was boot camp meets weightwatchers. However, I was keen to lose weight and that was my motivation to sign up.”

Q: How did you find the overall experience of engaging in FFIT?

A: “The course was great, it was delivered in a style where you weren’t forced to do anything. Ross and David provided you all the knowledge and information but it was up to you to make the changes.

“I looked forwarded to each week because of the diversity, including the variation in physical activity. Also, being relatively new to the area it helped me to get to know others and make new friends.”

Q: What has changed?

A: “I am definitely eating a lot healthier. I have focused on cutting out crisps and changing most of my carbs to brown/whole meal. I have also cut back on snacking during the day and added more fruit and veg in my diet.

“I definitely feel fitter and have become more active through a variety of activities including Walking Football with Morton Community.”

Q: Would you recommend FFIT to like-minded men?

A: “Yes! One hundred percent. I would say to people that they should give it a go because it allows you to focus and if you want to change it is achievable.

“The course is good because it is gradual, and you are not told at any point you can’t eat certain foods, it’s all about small gradual changes.”

Finlay continues to stay active in our Walking Football project which is free to attend and has been extended beyond the 4th of June 2018, on Monday’s 1-2pm at Lady Octavia, Greenock. Further details can be found below.

Walking Football

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