Our flagship employability programme Positive Goals has been a key fixture in our diverse catalogue of activities since January 2015. To date we have engaged one hundred and sixty four participants, delivering over nine thousand hours of workshops geared at removing and minimising barriers to work. With the overall goal aiming to support people living in our community of Inverclyde transition into a positive destination.

We have supported forty five to fifty percent of participants into work or full education, with seventy percent sustaining for a minimum of twenty six weeks.

We are seeking to develop partnerships with Inverclyde businesses to support the Positive Goals programme and its participants.

Can your business support work experience placements?

Can you support us with mock interviews?

If yes, get in touch directly with the employability team by emailing ross@mortoncommunity.net or calling Ross McLaren on 01475 731949.

More information on Positive Goals and Jim’s journey with Morton in the Community click here.


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