A brief outline of myself, I have been dealing with Depression and Anxiety for a period of 10 years, my personal experience, deteriorating within the last 3 years, I’ve been through a number of Doctors and CBT counsellors, and I didn’t comprehend how to use assistance from them to better myself, thus having episode after episode of difficulties.

I felt that the support that is offered, is very much one of a fixed structure, and doesn’t deviate away from its process that much, and my workplace is very similar in their approach, in that when you are struggling and have informed your workplace about your issues, you are more than often feeling very low and the approach to ring a hotline can feel very alien, they for one are not trained in handling mental health issues, there focus albeit correct is on the job first and foremost which is understandable, But when your  Wellbeing has hits a point where it disturbs your work and your absence amplifies due to this. They then switch focus to a more tailored approach, sometime too late in the process.

At the kick-off (pun) last year, 2019, I was informed about a new support group starting up Team Talk, I had heard terrific thing about Morton in the Community and the amazing work they do.  With this in mind I thought I would go along and see what it was like, this was a huge step for me as I rarely ventured outside the house two years prior to this. As the first night approached I didn’t know what to expect, which meant anxiety set in however, within 5 minutes of being in the room with like-minded people and the Morton in the Community team I immediately felt at ease due to the informal, relaxed atmosphere which was created, reducing the stress somewhat.

Fast forward 8 months having attended nearly every session only missing session’s due to work commitments, even this was overcome by using my annual leave to attend sessions.

This group has allowed me to attend weekly with like-minded people, having missed sessions due to work I came to an arrangement with my work to attend as the thought of not attending for 2 weeks was very daunting, my improvement is all down to attending Team Talk. For the last four months I have been off my anti-depressants (Dr is aware), my attendance at work has improved dramatically which has resulted in them allowing me time off every second week to attend Team Talk as the see the benefits of this project.

This is a slow laborious process to see value from such a group as Team Talk, it is always hard in this day when everyone wants to see a return in investment well my story is one and I can guarantee there is many more from Team Talk.

Not only is it the investment that is always looked for from these project’s in the terms of funding, the way the guys put it across, deliver it and engage themselves, cannot be recognised on a spreadsheet.

But I for one without this group from when it came to pastures, could only have foreseen a different path to the one I am on.

This needs to be a story of movement, how does it grow, how does the message get out there further, to be more inclusive and have greater reward stories.

And finally, I would encourage for any future project`s the involvement of the Guys’ from Team Talk should be at the forefront of any future works, as I believe they can see what they do is more than a job, and are led brilliantly by their Leader.

Thank you
Team Talk Attendee

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