On the 20th May 2019 we decided to open Cappielow in order to provide a safe space from males aged 16+ to have a chance to talk and feel included. One year on we are delighted to still be offering the same space. Over the past 8 weeks this has taken a different format but still equally as important due to current lockdown measures.
The feedback from Team Talk has been hugely encouraging as we openly admit this project is one which is having the biggest impact on people’s life. We have recently gathered some thoughts on the project from the participants and part of the feedback is below:

Question 1: How would you describe Team Talk to someone who was thinking about attending?

  • Team Talk is a great chance to get to know men who are or have been in a similar situation to yourself. It is a brilliant opportunity to talk openly but with the added bonus of never been under pressure to talk, sometimes listening to others is just important.
  • A place where you can feel safe and comfortable and make friends and enjoy a laugh without being judged or made to feel uncomfortable 
  • Very relaxed, the guys make you feel comfortable straight away to talk or just listen, and feel involved, I`ve not seen anyone join and after there first time not look lifted or glad they didn’t come.
  • That it’s a great support group for people to open up and that no one judges you for being open in your feelings and there’s always suggestions to help each other on how we move forward and there’s a what’s app group which means if your struggling when the tram talk isn’t on they are always there for you
  • Its brilliant to get a chat the lads are very helpful and supportive.
  • Excellent opportunity for guys to unload ups and downs of the past week. This confidential sharing with men in a similar situation is a real source of encouragement with a positive camaraderie developing within the team. 
  • Team talk has such a friendly and supportive atmosphere, the lads who run it are incredibly kind and always there to help, there is no pressure on anyone to speak at the groups. Everyone is very encouraging and engaging to all. 

Question 2: What has Team Talk done for you and how has it helped you over the past year?

  • Team Talk has allowed me to feel supported and know I can always reach out to any of the other men. It has also helped me to realise when I not having a good day I can talk about it, even to members of my family. I am now more confident in talking about how I am feeling.
  • It’s helped me be a better listener, stay calm when talking in conversation, made me feel more comfortable with who I am. And make me aware I’m not the only one who feels the way I do about live.  
  • It`s helped me be able to recognise triggers straight away, how to react and deal with them, also how to reach out for support even out with the group.
  • It’s helped me to be more confident and be more open in my emotions and that I am able to talk to more people who are male as telling my friends how I felt was often a struggle but now I have been in the group I have been able to adapt and feel more confident in the group and able to talk to my friends a bit more about if I am having a bad day or not.
  • It has helped my anxiety and helped me talk about my problems and also i can call or text the lads anytime.
  • Been really helpful in letting me share my anxieties (and joys) with a non-judgemental group of guys who constantly provide support and encouragement to each other throughout the week via WhatsApp. 
  • Team talk has helped me build my confidence in myself and has helped me meet a great bunch of lads. 

Question 3: What makes Team Talk different from other support which is available / you have used?

  • Team Talk is unique because there is no pressure. Each week it feels like you are just sitting down to catch up with friends.
  • It’s more open, it’s formal and you don’t feel pressured into talking about difficult things it feels natural to discuss things that you may find hard to talk about.
  • I`ve personally used CBT prescribed by GP’s and Occupational Health through workplaces, they are good albeit feel very sanitised and structured and don’t veer much of that path, this support albeit in a structured format through questions, it’s relaxed very open and can vary n it’s approach and it’s the involvement of a group that help bring the best out of you to be involved.
  • That it’s a group which I often felt uncomfortable talking in front of more than 2 or 3 people and you have more people to speak to and they are very helpful and we always make suggestions on ways to improve our mental health. 
  • The lads talk all the time every Monday we also reflect back on how the weeks been.    
  • I’ve not used other support facilities. 
  • Team talk is different because from day one I felt very comfortable and felt accepted straight away, I have never felt any pressure to speak if I chose not to and everyone in the group including the boys who run it are always there for you. 

Question 4: Any other comments/ recommendations to make Team Talk better?

  • This an outstanding project which allows men in the community to come together and talk about their feelings. It is great to see the new friendship groups develop and the strong support network that we as a group have created. Over the months new members have joined the group at varying times and are always welcomed with open arms, by the end of the session they have been become another integral member of this support network.
  • Just keep doing what you are doing, maybe change the order of questions allowing people to get more time to get things off their mind. That’s not a major thing as it’s really helpful the way it is.
  • More FUNDING, keep going, more promotion on Facebook, possibly its own individual Page, where best practises can be shared and involvement of the guys (only if they want to).
  • Can’t think of anything. 
  • You are a brilliant group of lads its brilliant to chat every Monday and its always something to look forward to on a Monday night. 
  • The Morton in the Community team are outstanding. They are gracious, professional, committed and supportive. Well done guys. Keep up the good work. 
  • I am very thankful and appreciative to all at team talk, just keep doing what you are doing, it’s making such a positive difference to people’s lives, thank you team talk. 

Team Talk takes places every Monday between 7pm and 9pm, typically this would be delivered in a group setting at Cappielow. However due to current lockdown measures these sessions take place over zoom.

For more information on Team Talk or to get involved please get in touch by calling Brian on 07903843833 or emailing admin@mortoncommunity.net

Thanks to Inverclyde HSCP and Foundation Scotland for the support towards Team Talk over the past 12months.


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