Morton Team Talk has helped me in many ways, ways in which I couldn’t imagine it would.

I always found it hard to communicate with people, I always felt social awkward in how to be in groups, from large to small groups. The Team Talk group has helped me feel comfortable within myself to meet new people and as a result I have have made more friends.

As a result of Team Talk, my anxiety is less of a stumbling block which has meant I am less nervous and not worried as much when meeting new people. The way Team Talk is organised helped the process of calming my nerves and making me feel less worried and stress.

It has helped me in ways I never thought about too. As a result of the lay out and the way in which we talk and discuss things it has helped me become a much better listener out with Team Talk. I was always getting frustrated and felt no one would ever listen to me, I feel Team Talk has helped me not only to get things off my mind , but in helping me sit be patient listen to people and understand better. I think that my biggest fear in life was also not being heard after what I went through grown up, from my abuse issues , to my panic attacks and depressing,  Team Talk has helped me be heard , and not be judged on what I say, I don’t feel awkward or uncomfortable saying stuff at Team Talk meetings because the people there are listening and making me feel like I matter.

I have always felt alone in life always felt that no one would understand, Team Talk has made me see I’m not the only who has issues or feels lonely or feels uncomfortable with life in general. For me Team Talk is unique as its relaxing, full of good banter the people are so nice, they help one another through hard times and always look out for each other through the WhatsApp group which has been a big help to me because i know i always have someone to talk to when i feel down and depressed. Over all Team Talk has helped me be a better person i feel, more comfortable in my own skin, i feel like I am starting to look at life now with a better understanding of who i am and what my limits are in life. My health issues mental and physically have always hindered my Life. I feel that Team Talk has helped me understand who i am I couldn’t have done this without Team Talk.

During lockdown, Team Talk was vital to me, the WhatsApp group really helped me stay calm and know I wasn’t the only person struggling during these times. Lockdown was extremely hard and to this day its still difficult , but i felt WhatsApp and the Zoom cals really helped me personally stay calm and relaxed. I never felt I was trapped even though we were in lockdown I felt the WhatsApp group and Zoom calls gave me an outlet to let my anger or emotions escape the troubles of the lockdown situation. It was also a great way to see how people where coping from lockdown. As I have mentioned, sometimes I felt I was alone and it really helped me knowing I wasn’t the only person feeling that way. The Zoom sessions and WhatsApp during lockdown really inspired me to stay positive and keep fighting through my mental health issues, I also felt I was more aware of how people where feeling so was pushing myself that bit harder to be there on WhatsApp or Zoom calls for those who needed it. It’s not always easy to do calls or group chats but the way Team Talk was run really made it feel comfortable, less intimidating. I cant speak for everyone during this period, but the Zoom and WhatsApp group calls and chats really gave me something to look forward to every week making my week feel more safe and lockdown became more easy as the weeks went by.

Team Talk returning to Cappielow after what has been a hard lockdown for many people is something I’m looking forward to. Although deep down I’m nervous about it and feeling a bit of aniexty I feel seeing people face to face will help me get back to the confidence i felt before lockdown. Being face to face is a scary thing for me as i have said previous I can be socially awakard so having this group in which i can sit and see people without any judging will help my mental health in the long run. I feel i have been missing that connection with people, my friends have all moved away so its hard to meet up and knowing i have Team Talk to meet people , even go a walk or pick up a phone to has been vital in helping me stay calm, if it wasn’t for Team Talk I don’t know what my life would be like.

If i had to describe Team Talk up in a way that best describes how I feel, I would says it’s the voice for the voiceless. You can meet people talk and have your voice heard knowing you are safe and will never be made to feel unwanted, awkward or foolish for how you feel or what you have to say. It’s really vital that this group and its members remain in place and give a voice to those who struggle with life or family issues.



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